Major topics for Turbomachines 2018 conference include, but are not limited to:


aeroelasticity issues induced by low or part-load operation, dynamic response of the rotating blades with respect to aeroelasticity, stall and un-stall flutter, flutter resistant ST and GT blades

Optimization of turbine components limiting ST and GT flexible operation

bearings, seals, etc. for flexible operation of ST and GT

Life cycle management

fatigue damage induced by high and frequent transient loadings, lifetime utilization of critical turbine components, low cycle fatigue, thermo-mechanical fatigue, creep-fatigue interaction, residual life prediction, lifing methods

Turbo machine diagnostics and analytics

whole engine and whole plant modeling, monitoring and optimization of turbine and/or plant operation, online analytics and monitoring, blade tip-timing



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25. 9. 2018 I. DAY
9:00 – 18:00 Registration for the conference – Hotel Olsanka
Tower Park Praha,
10:00 Welcome note, Introductory presentation
Jiri Smondrk, DSPW CEO
The pathway forward for turbomachinery in Europe
Michael Ladwig, EUT President
Keynote Lecture – Contemporary and future flexibility requirements for fossil fuel turbines
Ivan Dudurych, EIRGRID
Flexturbine and TurboReflex project presentations
Alexander Wiedermann, MAN
Christian Aalburg, GE
11:30 – 12:00 COFFEE BREAK
12:00 – 13:30 PANEL DISCUSSION
13:30 – 14:30 Transfer to Hotel Olsanka, (10mins walk)
Alfio Lo Balbo
Ansaldo Energia
14:30 Jan Slad, Andreas Pickard, Frank Strobelt
Market and development trends in cogeneration and combined heat and power
14:50 Vaclav Slama, Bartolomej Rudas, Petr Eret, Volodymyr Tsymbalyuk, Lorenzo Pinelli, F. Vanti, A. Arnone, Antonio Alfio Lo Balbo, Jiri Ira, Ales Macalka
Experimental and numerical study of controlled flutter testing in a linear turbine blade cascade
15:10 Pavel Prochazka, Vaclav Uruba, Ludek Pesek, Vitezslav Bula
On the effect of moving blades on flow around a blade cascade
15:30 Andrea Bessone, Roberto Guida, Zdeněk Kubin, Antonio Alfio Lo Balbo, Michaela Marrè Brunenghi, Lorenzo Pinelli
Experimental and numerical assessment of a downscaled steam turbine last stage blade damping at low load operation
15:50 – 16:20 COFFEE BREAK
Alexander Wiedermann,
16:20 Milan Petrovic, Alexander Wiedermann, Milan Banjac, Djordje Petkovic, Srdjan Milic
Software tool for simulation and analysis of gas turbine engine during transient operations
16:40 Premysl Epikaridis, Dan Hasnedl
Mass – flow leakage of felt abradable seals
17:00 Tue Nguyen, Christian Aalburg
Development of a self-adaptive seal for flexible gas turbines
17:20 Tereza Dadakova, Zdenek Kubin
Calibration of BTT measurement with respect to sensor position over shrouded LSB
17:40 – 18:00 DISCUSSION


26. 9. 2018 II. DAY
Martin Hughes
Siemens Lincoln
9:00 M. Nesladek, J. Jurenka, M. Bartosak, M. Ruzicka, M. Lutovinov, J. Papuga, J. Dzugan, P. Mestanek
Thermo-mechanical fatigue analysis of a steam turbine shaft
9:20 Robert. Eriksson, Johan Moverare, Zhe Chen, Kjell Simonsson
The effect of notches on the fatigue life of a nickel-base gas turbine disk material
9:40 Marco Beghini, Leonardo Bertini, Bernardo Disma Monelli, Ciro Santus, Giuseppe Macoretta, Nicola Pieroni, Erica Scrinzi
High temperature fatigue behavior of GT blades in the trailing edge root
10:00 Andrea Riva, L. Patriarca, S. Foletti, S. Parodi, S. Beretta
Investigation of combined cycle fatigue for a precipitation hardened steal
10:20 – 10:50 COFFEE BREAK
Lubos Prchlík / Jiri Fiala
Doosan Skoda Power
10:50 Fabien von Bluecher, Andrea Riva , F. Mueller, C. Kontermann, M. Oechsner
Crack propagation under superposed LCF and HCF for a NICKEL-BASE alloy
11:10 Andrew F. Mills, Martin Hughes
Low cycle fatigue behaviour in a Nickel-Base gas turbine blade allow and the influence of surface treatment and dwell time
11:30 Iacopo Rossi, Alberto Traverso, E. Bianchi
Ambient temperaturae impact on micro gas turbines: Experimental characterization
11:50 W. Ammer, M. Raddatz, U. Gampe, J. Nussbaum, U. Ruedel, R. Kellerer
High temperature cyclic test RIG – a new RIG for hot gas parts lifetime validation
12:10 – 12:20 FlexTurbine section closing, discussion
L. Prchlik/J. Fiala
12:20 – 13:00 LUNCH – Hotel Olšanka
Chair: David Simurda
Institute of Thermomechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
13:00 Tomas Radnic, Martin Luxa, David Simurda
Regarding certain aerodynamic sources of non-stationary force loads on turbine profiles
13:20 Tomas Jelinek, Martin Nemec, Petr Milcak
Comparison of total pressure fluctuations in steam turbine stages with different degrese of reaction
13:40 Konstantinos Ntatsis, A. Chatziangelidou, T. Efstathiadis, V. Gkoutzamanis, P. Silvestri, A. Kalfas
CFD analysis of a turboexpander stator for non-conventional fluids
14:00 Tomas Syka, Andreas P. Weiß
CFD flow analysis of the cantilever micro-turbine
14:20 – 14:50 COFFEE BREAK
Vaclav Cyrus
AHT Energetika
14:50 Miroslav Balda
BTT & RFLB – The optimum set for steam turbine monitoring
15:10 Jiri Oldrich
Isentropic efficiency of centrifugal compressor working with real gas
15:30 Vladislav Plasil, Martin Kroupa, Jaroslav Rybin
Axially-radial impeller with cover disk as a main part of special turbocirculators
15:50 Ondrej Bartos, Lucie Mestanova
An experimental study of the coarse droplets formation
16:10 – 16:40 COFFEE BREAK
Jaroslav Synac
University of West Bohemia
16:40 Michal Hoznedl, Kamil Sedlak, Antonin Zivny, Ales Macalka, Lukas Mrozek
Experimental and numerical research on flow in the last stage of 1090 MW steam turbine
17:00 Vaclav Novotny, Michal Kolovratnik, Monika Vitvarova, Barbora Bryksí Stunova, Petr Zikmund
3D printing for flexible customized manufacturing of turbine components in industry 4.0
17:20 Pavel Ruzicka
The modern formulation of turbine oils, their application and diagnostic
17:40 – 18:00 DISCUSSION